Second Chance Tattoo Removal

Our Fotona QX Max is one of the most reputable laser tattoo removal machines in the world; this is backed up by countless scientific reports from laser experts, and we suggest that all clients do their research on lasers before commencing treatment. There are many cheap laser machines out there that cause irreversible harm to the skin, so you need to know what is being used on your tattoo.

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Treatments start at $80 and range up to $350 for a full back, chest, full leg/arm.

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This will depend on different factors such as; ink density, age of the tattoo, placement of the tattoo on the body. We also consider the type of ink used and whether the tattoo is professional, amateur or scarred. 

We will go over each factor in relation to your tattoo during your consultation. 

Generally, a tattoo can be covered within 1-4 treatments and completely removed within 4-10 treatments.

From personal experience we can tell you that the pain is definitely tolerable. Treatments are fast, for example a tattoo that took 1 hour to complete will take approximately 1 minute to laser – but yes, it hurts.

We have a cryo cooling machine that blows ice cold air on the area during the treatment – this makes your session a lot more comfortable. Some clients may also choose to use numbing cream for their treatment. 

The sensation has been described as a hot rubber band flicking the skin, hot oil or little electric shocks. Some areas of the body are more sensitive than others, so it can depend on the day. 

Most clients say that if getting the tattoo felt like 5/10 on their pain scale, then their laser removal felt like 7/10. It is so fast that anyone can make it through, after hundreds of clients no one has been unable to complete the session.

You don’t need a great pain tolerance - it is over before you know it (pinkie promise, you absolutely got this!) Don’t worry, we are here to get you through it if you’re feeling nervous or a little apprehensive during the session.

Our laser can fire up to 10-shots per second, your treatment will be over and done within a matter of seconds! 

Larger scale tattoos will take longer of course, but you expect to be on our treatment bed for only a few minutes. 

Once the session is finished, we’ll apply aftercare cream, dress your tattoo with a waterproof dressing and you’ll be on your way… after some more aftercare reminders!

You may experience some mild discomfort from bruising, swelling, blistering or scabbing. These are all completely normal after effects from receiving laser treatment!

You will be able to take off your waterproof dressing after 3 days of keeping the area covered. You should expect to see your tattoo just as you remember it, fading doesn’t happen straight away, it will gradually occur weeks and months after the treatment.

Perhaps you got a tattoo years ago that just doesn’t have meaning anymore, or you simply want to make space for something new. Laser tattoo removal is the safest and most efficient solution for your skin. Even with just 1-3 laser treatments, dark lines and writing can be faded. This gives a lot more artistic freedom to your tattoo artist – you don’t want a cover up that you’re still unhappy with after all. 

Your skin is healing and while your skin is still healing we cannot treat you again as it can risk scarring. As your skin heals and relaxes it will release the broken particles from the session into your lymphatic system, which causes fading to occur. During the first 4-6 weeks your body is hard at work healing the treatment site and removing the ink pigment from your skin! 

While it may seem as though not much is happening, especially after the first or second treatment, a lot of the process of tattoo removal happens below the surface of the skin. It will not speed up the tattoo removal process by having treatment sooner than the recommended time.

You will need to wait 3-4 months for your skin to fully heal before placing new ink particles in the area. Getting a new tattoo on skin that is not fully healed will traumatise the skin and it may lead to scarring or impact the way your new tattoo appears down the road. Just be patient, you’ve been through enough disappointment already and you don’t want to end up with scarring in your beautiful new tattoo.

Your skin needs to fully heal before we can perform a laser treatment. If you do not allow the skin to heal before treating with a laser it may lead to permanent scarring, and scar tissue will hold onto the ink particles. So, if anything it may actually hinder the process.

Old tattoos fade a lot faster than fresh tattoos, this is because your body has already begun to break down the particles and remove any that are small enough. So, waiting a while before laser is actually a good thing.

We can safely remove most colours, but some pastel colours or neon pigments can be trickier. We have different wavelengths that target the specific colours in your skin, so we are able to treat most colours with ease. Tattoos that have had multiple layers (ie. cover ups or multiple touch ups) can be trickier, as there is more ink to be removed.   We will assess your tattoo in person and go over any potential difficulties. 

Yes, we offer Afterpay for your treatment fees. Alternatively, you can arrange a payment plan with us directly.