Second Chance Tattoo Removal

(2.5cm x 2.5cm)

Single character, Finger tattoo

(5cm x 5cm)

Smaller than palm size

$100.00 - $150.00
(10cm x 10cm)

Palm sized tattoo

$160.00 - $200.00
(10cm x 10cm)

Larger than CD case, half sleeve

$220.00 - $280.00
*(20cm x 20cm)

Full sleeve, half/ full back piece, full chest

$300.00 - $350.00

* Must be broken down into multiple treatments


We provide the absolute best aftercare for our clients; we use a breakthrough treatment for post procedure care, which is a product called Stratamed. It is an advanced self-drying gel dressing that seals the treated area whilst helping to speed up the healing process. After your laser treatment, we apply a layer of Stratamed and then apply gauze and a waterproof covering so you can keep the area dry and out of the sun for three days post procedure.

Numbing Cream

We use a cryo cooler on your skin during your treatment to make you more comfortable, most of our clients complete their treatment without needing any extra relief. 

Numbing cream can be purchased from your local chemist if desired.