Second Chance Tattoo Removal

Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal & Tattoo Collective

About Us

A little bit about our team.

Second chance tattoo removal was born after a decade of watching tattoo styles come and go, with many requests to cover up old/ regretted ink and a few pricey quotes for laser tattoo removal ourselves (yep, everyone has mistake or two).

We are two best friends who are passionate about the tattoo industry, and fiercely dedicated to our client’s results.

We pride ourselves on bringing the best quality laser treatment in a comfortable down to earth setting, without emptying your bank account.

We love our clients and we love their happy endings (even if we do eventually have to say goodbye 😭)

Our Vision

Why Choose Us?

We wanted to create a space where laser tattoo removal is more than just painful and super intimidating. We don’t lie about how much it hurts and we do whatever we can to make the experience most comfortable.

Jeremy and I shoot each other with lasers all the time and we get it, it sucks.

We understand you didn’t expect to spend thousands removing a tattoo you paid peanuts for in the first place. It is for this reason that we try to keep our pricing flexible and “human”. We don’t try to make money off you.

Whether it’s a complete removal or you trying to lighten your tattoos to cover them, we are excited to be a part of your journey.

If you’re rethinking your ink – let us look after you and help you reclaim your body art